Sunday, 1 September 2013

Welcome to The Abruzzo Chicken Chronicles!

With the imminent possible arrival of some baby chicks, I thought I would dedicate this new blog in September 2013 to images and stories solely about our Abruzzo chickens.

The arrival of chicks is due to Frederick, the glorious, imperious, arrogant, scary, obsessed, domineering, swaggering and very handsome cockerel. Below you see him as a baby, on the day he came to live with us ..... he is definitely one very impressive creature!!

Today I will tell you a little bit about him.  His name Frederick was chosen a few years before we bought him.  I had always liked this name. Indeed, the anti-hero of An Idiomatic Love Story, is named Frederick.

I had a dream of listening to the gentle crowing of a cockerel early in the morning, and this dream has come true.  Freddy, as he is affectionately known, is a very considerate bird, in that he starts crowing after 6am.  This is a very reasonable time of day.  He also crows whenever he feels like it, or when he sees me.  I am the unfortunate cause of his stress and we have a love-hate relationship....

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