Friday, 13 September 2013

News Flash: Chickens Run Amok!

Repost from March 2010 below

Yes, this past week I admit has been a bit of a learning curve while I've been "Home Alone" again. Nobody but dogs, cats, chickens, a kestrel, my computer and fantastic PLN for company. Last time I lost a chicken, this time, I'm running around like a headless chicken! Why? Well the following newspaper article has just appeared in the local news. It contains some rather disturbing details.

It is even being reported on the Abruzzo Channel 5 Live news as I am writing!

As you can see, Norris is getting rather rotund. The plus side is that she has been dutifully laying an egg a day in my plant pot, would you believe. She is providing the necessary main ingredients for fresh omelettes, pancakes, fresh pasta and tonight, a very fine cake, so I shouldn't really complain. With Easter coming up soon, I certainly won't go short of easter eggs!

Lesson Ideas is a great resource for using with students of any age. In this post, I have demonstrated 3 of the different features available on The Newspaper Generator, Create a Newscast picture and the Ninja Text. I certainly had a lot of fun playing around with them! I am sure students would enjoy exploring them, too. These features could be easily embedded in a class blog for projects and assignments.
What do you reckon? If you have used in any projects with your students, I would love to hear from you.

Eggstra Lesson Ideas
Sean Banville from Breaking News English has an excellent idiomatic lesson on Chickens.
Sue Lyon-Jones from Esol Courses has a whole selection of lovely lessons to do with Easter eggs and the theme of Easter
Ana Maria Menezes from Life Feast blog has some great Easter projects using web 2.0 tools for you to try out.
No need for me to "egg" you on! Have a look through these fabulous ideas and be eggceptionally inspired!

Post Scriptum Please do excuse my eggstraordinary use of one word in particular.News

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