Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Hungry Chicken & More Eggs

This is the broody chicken caught on her way to the feeding container.  She seems to be getting bigger....

She actually got into the big planter to gobble up as much as possible!

The image below was taken yesterday, Monday September 2nd 2013.  As you can see, there are 2 more eggs, making it a total of 13, the chicken is sitting on.  The shape of the eggs has changed from Sunday's image of 11 eggs.

The image below was taken today, whilst the chicken was out feeding.  The shape is different yet again from yesterday's image.  She is turning the eggs and moving them all the time!

What I would like to know is, where are these eggs coming from?  Are any of them going to hatch??  From what I have read, a chicken gathers a 'clutch' of eggs consisting of usually 12 eggs.  We now have 13, so does it mean she is almost ready to do what she has to do???

 I have no idea, and each day is a waiting game.  It is very exciting....

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