Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Stalker Freddy

Freddy has become a real pain, and he is totally ruling the roost at the moment.  He is taking advantage of the fact that I am on my own and this means he can do what he wants!  He stalks me outside the front door, waiting to go for me as soon as I try to leave.  I have the broom handy so I can shoo him away, but this is not working too well...

I managed to take this photo, but as you can see, he looks determined, and refuses to budge!!

Another reason he is a bit of a pain is that he is refusing to go to bed at night and recently he has started turning in at 8pm, which is very late indeed!!  I can't make him go any earlier and so I will have to leave it to K when he gets back, to retrain him to go to bed at a more sensible time of 6.30-7pm!

This article below is quite interesting:

Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Lonely Freddy

Freddy is now on his own after the final chicken sadly passed away of natural causes in December. We are getting some new chicks at the end of January for him.  He has now focused all his attentions on trying to catch me whenever he sees me, so it's a bit tricky at the moment.....

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Freddy

Freddy having fun, scratching around in the garden, surrounded by his furry friends...

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Freddy comes out of his depression

Welcome back, Freddy!
Freddy has started going for me whenever he sees me, and this is a good sign.  The depression that took hold of him when his brood of chickens was sadly depleted one by one by predators, seems to be over now, thank goodness.  He has actually started circling the grounds again like he used to before the chickens disappeared / were plucked away.

Next, we need to buy some more chickens to keep him company.  One chicken companion is not enough..... We will buy some in the new year.  Watch this space!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Freddy & Solitary Lady Friend

Freddy chilling with lady friend
No eggs since the last chicken got taken and killed by a dog, and we only have Freddy now with his single companion.  He has been very quiet lately, spending a lot of time in the very spacious chicken coop.  He seems to be very fearful of any little thing nowadays, and so is The Only Hen Left Standing.  In the image above taken today, you can see Freddy sunning himself.  

Below Freddy having a quiet moment.  All his moments are quiet nowadays, and he only crows in the morning, but not as vociferously as he used to, pre all his beloved chickens disappearing....

Freddy having a quiet moment
We intend to get some new companions for him soon....then hopefully he will cheer up a bit!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Sad Day - One more chicken killed, by a dog

Just a short while ago, a local farmer's dog came and grabbed one of  the Last Three Chickens Standing and it is now well and truly dead in the field.  I heard a great commotion and saw a huge black dog go flying past the kitchen with what looked like a chicken in its mouth. We rushed out but the dog had disappeared round the corner.  The master came up and immediately apologised profusely and offered to pay for another chicken. He was picking olives in the field opposite our house. He then put a lead on his dog and left again very apologetic.

Upon a quick inspection of the land, I saw the poor deceased chicken in the field below, with its legs in the air, head tucked under its body.  I got closer and pronounced it dead, feeling very sad as she was a nice gentle creature, and a very good layer.

Sadly no more freshly laid eggs in the near future.  I feel very upset indeed.  From Freddy + 6 chickens, we now only have Freddy + 1 chicken!!!!

I just found poor Freddy and his +1 cowering in fear behind the barn. 

These tragic incidences have all happened in the space of a couple of weeks.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

2 More Chickens Gone!

Freddy and his deplenshed retinue of followers having fun amongst all the chopped wood....

We have not been having much luck recently with the number of chickens simply disappearing into thin air.  Two more have vanished in the past few days, and no feathers or anything this time to give us a clue as to what happened to them.

Freddy now only has a very small number of chickens following him around - down to two, from the six he had only a little while back.

We plan to replenish our stock of chickens in a few weeks' time. We only get one egg a day now, which is not good....

Below you can see Mini Me contemplating life in Abruzzo..

A lot of work recently cutting wood for winter time.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Two Chickens Down!

Sadly two of our chickens have lost their lives recently.  A pile of feathers scattered around the olive trees was all that was left of them.  Who knows what creature had got hold of them unexpectedly?  We are now reduced to 4 hens and Freddy. 

None of the eggs produced any baby chicks recently and we have learned from this experience!  Next time we will place the broody hen in a separate area, away from the other hens.  We live and learn!