Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Stalker Freddy

Freddy has become a real pain, and he is totally ruling the roost at the moment.  He is taking advantage of the fact that I am on my own and this means he can do what he wants!  He stalks me outside the front door, waiting to go for me as soon as I try to leave.  I have the broom handy so I can shoo him away, but this is not working too well...

I managed to take this photo, but as you can see, he looks determined, and refuses to budge!!

Another reason he is a bit of a pain is that he is refusing to go to bed at night and recently he has started turning in at 8pm, which is very late indeed!!  I can't make him go any earlier and so I will have to leave it to K when he gets back, to retrain him to go to bed at a more sensible time of 6.30-7pm!

This article below is quite interesting:

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