Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Sad Day - One more chicken killed, by a dog

Just a short while ago, a local farmer's dog came and grabbed one of  the Last Three Chickens Standing and it is now well and truly dead in the field.  I heard a great commotion and saw a huge black dog go flying past the kitchen with what looked like a chicken in its mouth. We rushed out but the dog had disappeared round the corner.  The master came up and immediately apologised profusely and offered to pay for another chicken. He was picking olives in the field opposite our house. He then put a lead on his dog and left again very apologetic.

Upon a quick inspection of the land, I saw the poor deceased chicken in the field below, with its legs in the air, head tucked under its body.  I got closer and pronounced it dead, feeling very sad as she was a nice gentle creature, and a very good layer.

Sadly no more freshly laid eggs in the near future.  I feel very upset indeed.  From Freddy + 6 chickens, we now only have Freddy + 1 chicken!!!!

I just found poor Freddy and his +1 cowering in fear behind the barn. 

These tragic incidences have all happened in the space of a couple of weeks.

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