Thursday, 21 November 2013

Freddy & Solitary Lady Friend

Freddy chilling with lady friend
No eggs since the last chicken got taken and killed by a dog, and we only have Freddy now with his single companion.  He has been very quiet lately, spending a lot of time in the very spacious chicken coop.  He seems to be very fearful of any little thing nowadays, and so is The Only Hen Left Standing.  In the image above taken today, you can see Freddy sunning himself.  

Below Freddy having a quiet moment.  All his moments are quiet nowadays, and he only crows in the morning, but not as vociferously as he used to, pre all his beloved chickens disappearing....

Freddy having a quiet moment
We intend to get some new companions for him soon....then hopefully he will cheer up a bit!

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